Silent 7 MT-Propellers

Silent 7 - MT-Propellers

With the Silent 7 propeller we are taking the QFJ improvements that many customers have enjoyed and experienced over the last 20 years to a new level.

World's first 7-bladed MT-Propeller - The Silent 7 - is already supplemental type certified on the Pilatus PC-12 powered by a Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67B, PT6A-67P or PT6E-67XP propeller turbine and on the Shorts SC-7... and more STCs are planed.

The Silent 7 - MT-Propeller MTV-47 Installation on the Pilatus PC-12

The 7-blade propeller significantly exceeds the performance of 5-blade propellers in certain applications.

The advantages of the Silent 7:

  • improved performance in take off, climb and cruise
  • a very low noise level inside the cabin as well as outside
  • a jet like sound
  • a very smooth run

The Pilatus PC-12 STC with the Silent 7 MT-Propeller is fullfilling the highest noise regulations in European countries for unrestricted airport operations.

More than 75 PC-12 are already flying with the 7-blade MTV-47 MT-Propeller in Europe and the USA.


Pilatus PC-12 with Silent 7 MT-Propeller
Pilatus PC-12 with Silent 7 MT-Propeller