MT-Propellers for Airships

Propeller for Airships

For airships we recommend our reversible propellers.

They are two Reverse Systems available for airship applications:

  • Reverse System (M = Muehlbauer) without blade angle feedback and governor P-900 Series.
  • Reverse System (H = Hovercraft) with blade angle beedback and coordinator P-869.

These two reverse systems can be stopped mechanically in full forward and full reverse position.

Most of the airships, which are equipped with MT-Propellers, use our P-900 governor series. This governor series is designed for the use on counterweighted propellers and uses oil pressure to decrease pitch.

For the beta feedback connection of the propeller the P-869 Beta-Valve is used. P-869 allows to select any blade angle between the mechanical stops from full forward to full reverse.

Natural composite blades with fiber reinforced epoxy cover and metal leading edge protection are used to minimize weight at the highest amount of safety against fatigue fractures due to vibrations.

  • Airship with MT-Propeller installed
  • Airship with MT-Propeller installed

  • MT-Propeller on Airship
  • MT-Propeller on Airship