MT-Propellers Nickel Leading Edge

Optional Nickel Leading Edges -
for improved Erosion Behavior

MT-Propeller natural composite blades feature a metal leading edge protection for best erosion behavior.
The metal leading edge can be manufactured from stainless steel or optionally chemically from Nickel.

  • The stainless steel leading edge is 3 times harder than an aluminum blade and corrosion free.
  • The nickel leading edge is 5 times harder than an aluminum blade and also corrosion free.

Due to the chemical production method of the nickel leading edge, it can be formed in any shape and therefore the nickel leading edge extends in the outer blade tip area further to the blade compared to the stainless steel leading edge.

Especially during reverse and ground operation, the blade errosion is basically eliminated due to the nickel leading edge shape.
Due to the production method, the weight is not affected and well within the manufacturing tolerances of an MT - blade.

Nickel Leading Edge on MTV-27 Propeller
Nickel Leading Edges