last update Oct 23, 2018

Customer Feedback

  • Almost no vibrations du ring the whole flight time
  • No cracks on the exhaust attachments and hand hole covers
  • Noise level is 72,7 dBA instead of 76 dBA with the standard propeller

There is another important improvement: The engine start cycle is much shorter then with the standard propeller, our starter batteries have been capacitance tested and are still in an excellent condition. We only run up the engine with the internal batteries and mostly in "parallel/serial" mode to run over the critical RPM as fast as possible.
In total we can say that the decision to install this propeller was and will be absolute positive for our operation.

J. Biskup
(Technical Manager Airservice Westerwald GmbH)

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Dear Martin,

Congratulations to your engineers!
What a treat! Pilot and Passengers!
Noise and Vibration Level from Ferrari to BMW.
You just want to keep on flying...
A worthy investment.

Thank You!

Beste Gruesse und bis bald

TBM 850 owner with MTV-27 propeller system January 13, 2011

(example of a PC 12 with the MT 5 blade Propeller)

(Example of a Beech 36 with MTV-9)

Customer Feedback

  • • Tremendous noise reduction with a 5 blade MT propeller is more like a jet noise.
  • • Significant improvement of take off rolls and climb rate.
  • • Increasing true air speed in higher cruising levels
  • • Vibration is much less than before.
  • • Is a perfect match for the JETPROP

What a treat for the pilots and passengers with the new noise and vibration level. This is one of the best STC installed in this JETPROP.
Last but not least the ramp appeal of the JETPROP with the 5- blade MT-Propeller is much greater as before.
Congratulations to the MT engineering team.

Dr. Max Burkhard Zwosta

  1. The MT propellers after their fitment on our Super King Air B-200, MSN : BB-972 (VT-EHB) have flown 20 hours as on date.
  2. There is a distinct reduction of Noise Level in the cabin.
  3. The pilots report shorter take off and better rate of climb.
  4. We have been the first to install the MT 5 Bladed propellers in India.
  5. The crew is quite happy with the performance.


Nitin Khanna

Letter of commendation

In my past 10 years as a pilot and owner of executive aircrafts I had my share of experiences with airplane maintenance and different companies in Europe. My most recent dealings with your company have left a formidable impression of your performance and I need to write you a few lines to express my appreciation of your services delivered.
In 2008 I bought a TBM 850 and had some troubles with it. Discussing this matter with your experts you were very supportive and interested in improving the situation. You went on to install a prototype of a propeller for the TBM-series 700 & 850. The result was better than expected and I continued to exchange my observations with your staff.
On my most recent service appointment with my aircraft at your facility you managed again to surpass my understanding of professional workmanship. After thorough testing you concluded that the propeller was not 100 % meeting your high standards of performance. Without any hesitation you proposed to exchange the part in order to provide me with a perfect set up for my airplane. To my surprise you were not even considering to charge me for the labor or the parts, you felt it was your obligation to solve this matter according to your own high standards.
Needless to say that I can only recommend your company and your extremely skilled experts to anybody who is in search of a 5 Star service. In todays world it is a very pleasant surprise to encounter a company that puts the customers satisfaction above all and does not stop searching for a solution until all problems are solved immaculately.
Big compliments to all of you at……MT propellers… from now on you will be my example for high work ethics and customer satisfaction.
Thank you again and keep up the good work, your success will be guaranteed with the positive approach that you have ingrained in all parts of your company.
Happy Landings!!

Architekt Dipl.-Ing. Martin Valtiner

  • Main wheel fairings: 7 knots
  • Nose wheel fairing: 0 knots
  • Nose leg fairing: 5 knots
  • Main wheel legs + int. fairings: 10 knots
  • Main wheel legs + fuse int. fairings: 1 knots
  • ==============================================
  • Total speed gain due to fairings: 23 knots

I was absolutely astonished! Never expected this. Well, the top speed of my RV is now 176 knots but I still have to adjust the prop governor to achieve engine speed of 2700rpm. At present the max revs are 2650 rpm.
Question to you is: Does efficiency of your prop go up with increased plane speed? Or what would be the reason for such a large speed gain as even comment from Ken Scott of Vans Aircraft was that he would have expected the gain to be about half of that I experienced. (The engine I am using is Superior XP-IO-360 with horizontal induction.) One more observation. During initial testing I was trying all three positions of flaps during a take off and on fully extended flaps, the plane would not accelerate past 85 knots. At our airfield the runway is 810m long and I normally do not use any flaps for take off even when fully loaded.
Passing the runway threshold (no wind) I normally get about 95 knots IAS. Well, I am very happy now that my choice of propeller based on your recommendation was correct and the performance of the prop / engine / plane combination has proven to be excellent!
Thanks for your advice and your product.
Best regards,