MT-Propeller Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins

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List of Service Bulletins
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May 15, 2020
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TBO von Verstellpropellern MTV
TBO of variable pitch propellers MTV
March 09, 2020
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TBO for Hovercraft Applications March 05, 2020
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Fliehgewichte MTV-2-( )
Counterweights MTV-2-( )
February 02, 1987
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Steuergerät P-120-A (LTA # 89-108)
Control Unit P-120-A (Germany AD)
March 22, 1989
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Ankerschrauben in MTV-1 und MTV-6-C (LTA # 90-214/2)
Lag Screws in MTV-1 and MTV-6-C (German AD)
April 08, 1993
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Ankerschrauben in MTV/MTE Propellern
Lag Screws in MTV/MTE propellers
January 24, 1991
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Notverfahren für elektr. Verstellpropeller (LTA # 92-367)
Emergency Procedures for electrically variable pitch propellers (German AD)
October 15, 1992
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Stellmotoren - Austausch (LTA # 93-088/2)
Replacement of the electric pitch change motors (German AD)
October 06, 1995
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Genauere Vorflugkontrolle für MT ( ) ( ) ( ) - ( ) und MTV-( ) (EASA AD No. 2006-0345)
More precise preflight inspection for MT ( ) ( ) ( ) - ( ) und MTV-( ) (EASA AD No. 2006-0345)
March 08, 2006
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Befestigung (Anzugsmomente) und Überprüfung der Installation für Holz-Composite Festpropeller
Inspection of installation and torque of mounting bolts for fixed pitch wood composite propellers
November 15, 1994
Installationsliste für Holz-Composite Festpropeller zugelassen in Frankreich
Installationlist for fixed pitch propellers certified in France (Cancelled!)
June 10, 2003
Installationsliste für MT-Verstellpropeller zugelassen in Frankreich
Installation list for MT variable pitch propellers certified in France (Cancelled!)
June 18, 2003
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Propellernabe, Rißprüfung und Nachbearbeitung oder Ersatz der Nabe von MTV-3-B-C mit L250-21 Blättern an M-14-P/M-14-PF Motoren (LTA # 97-006/5)
Propellerhub, crack inspection and rework or replacement of the hub MTV-3-B-C with blades L250-21 at engines M-14-P/M-14-PF (German AD)
December 08, 1998
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Liste der möglichen Spinner an MT-Propellern
List of possible spinner assys for MT-propellers
February 19, 2020
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Liste der möglichen Regler für MT-Propeller
List of possible governors for MT-Propellers
May 15, 2020
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Mögliche Enteisungssysteme an MT-Propellern
Possible de-ice systems for MT-propellers
February 19, 2020
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Liste der Propeller-Installationen, für die ein Nachweis nach JAR-P-60(b), 160(b), 190 und 220 erbracht ist
List of MT-Propeller installations, which are in compliance with JAR-P-60(b), 160(b), 190 and 220
April 22, 2015
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Propellerblätter, Prüfung des Anzugsmonents und gegebenenfalls Ersatz der Blattwurzel-Ankerschrauben bei MTV-3-B-C/L250-21, MTV-9-B-C/CL260-27 oder CL250-27 (LTA 1999-081/2, 1999-082/2)
Propeller blades, inspection of the torque and if applicable, replacement of the blade root lag screws of MTV-3-B-C/L250-21, MTV-9-B-C/CL260-27 or CL250-27 (German AD)
March 05, 1999
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MTV-25-1-D-C-R(M)/CR165-06 Austausch von Federn für Luftschiff Anwendung
MTV-25-1-D-C-R(M)/CR165-06 Replacement of springs for Airship Application
July 26, 2000
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Neue Steuergeräte P-120-A: Veränderte Bedienelemente und Bedienung.
New electric control units P-120-A: Modified control elements and operational procedures.
February 28, 2003
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Inspektion der Ankerschrauben, die zur Produktion bis 1989 verwendet wurden
Inspection of lag screws, which were used for production until the year 1989
January 26, 2004
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Nachziehen der Blattvorspannung Alle Halter / Betreiber von Flugzeugen MT-Verstellpropeller MTV-9-B-S installiert auf einem SMA SR 305-230 Motor
Retorque of blade preload nut All owners / operators of aircrafts using the variable pitch propeller MTV-9-B-S installed on engine SMA SR 305-230
August 22, 2012
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Compatibility of MT-Propeller Governors P-980-16 (28 VDC System) or P-980-11 (14 VDC System) according to MT-Propeller Service Bulletin 14 (latest issue) March 13, 2007
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Mounting torque of 9/16 inches-18 UNF stop nuts March 13, 2007
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PU Tape removal on CRLD193-109 and CRLD118-119a propeller blades January 09, 2008
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MT-Propeller –B Flange installation Hardware Inspection on Lycoming Engines using SAE No. 2 mod ½” bolts and nuts of Part No. C-060 and C-061 and installed between Januar 2008 and July 2009 during manufacturing and/or Overhaul. April 30, 2010
26 R5
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De-Ice Wiring on MTV-27-1 Propeller series with Dual-Element De-Icing Boots (3 wires). Length of the Spinner Fixture Screws MTV-27-1 Propeller series equiooed with dual-elements boots. November 23, 2015
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MT-Propeller Governors Inspection and Upgrade for Governor Models manufactured from May 2012 till Jan 2013 or Overhauled / Repaired with a new governor base from May 2012 till Jan 2013 February 20, 2013
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Installation of a Strake on TBM 700/850 series aircraft June 10, 2014
29 R2
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Splitted Retaining Ring Position Inspection which holds the blade in the Propeller hub.
Affected propellers:
MTV-33-1-A and MTV-34-1-A ,manufactured before June 2014
March 08, 2017
30 R4
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Alert Service Bulletin:
Replacement of Blade Lag Screw of a certain production lot.
Affected propellers:
a) MTV-5-(), MTV-9-(), MTV-11-(), MTV-12-(), MTV-14-(), MTV-15-(), MTV-16-(), MTV-17-(), MTV-18-(), MTV-20-(), MTV-23-(), MTV-27-() manufactured from Nov 2013 until October 2014 with Lag Screw type A-983-C-85 are affected. b) All overhauled or repaired propellers from Nov 2013 until end of October 2014 with new installed lag screws during overhaul, as applicable.
March 02, 2020
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MT-Propeller Governors Inspection and Upgrade for Governor P-8XX-3 Models defined by Serial Number Manufactured from April 2010 until July 2013.
To all Owners/Operations of MT-Propeller Governor
Affected Types:
All Governors listed by type and serial number on page 3 and 4 which were manufactred from April 2010 until July 2013 installed on direct drive engines modified with electronic ignition or higher compression pistons.
August 29, 2016
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Replacement of Pitch Change Pins of Constant Speed Propellers
Affected Propellers:
All constant speed propellers 12 years or older with noticeable corrosion on steel parts, like counterweight bodies, counterweight modules or screws
May 30, 2017
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Replacement of the Blade Bearing A-1540 during Overhaul Affected Propeller: MTV-9-B-S / 198-58B installed on Cessna 182/ Socata TB20 with SMA SR305-230-01 Diesel engine
May 29, 2018
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Leading Edge Inspection
Affected Propeller: MTV-33-1-A /( )-( ) - TCDS EASA-P.048 MTV-34-1-A /( )-( ) - TCDS EASA P.049 , which are manufactured between 1.September 2017 until 1.June 2018.
May 25, 2018
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Recommended RPMS for reduced long time wear in the blade bearing Empfohlene Drehzahl für weniger Verschliess im Blattlager Affected Propeller: MTV-Propeller models MTV-1-A/LD160-03 and MTV-1-A/LD170-05 which are operated in combination with Limbach L2000( ) / L2400 engines in airframes H36, RF5, G109b but not limited to those and had an engine overhaul or exchange after January 2014. November 19, 2019
36 R2
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Engine Oils to be used for MT-Propellers
Affected Propeller: All propellers using turboprop or reciprocating (also Diesel Jet A1) engines
October 25, 2019