MT-Propellers for Hovercrafts

Propeller for Hovercraft

The recommended propeller for hovercraft is our reversible propeller with blade angle feedback, which can also be used for airship installation.

  • Available for a diameter of up to 6m
  • Available for a power of up to 5000 HP
  • Customized solutions for every application
  • Ultra strong and wide Nickel /Cobalt Leading edge for best erosion protection
  • Entire system inclusive beta coordinator and beta tube for best controllability
  • Low weight and thread less single piece hubs
  • Mechanical stop in full forward and full reverse position

For the beta feedback connection of the propeller the P-869 Beta-Valve is used.

Natural composite blades with fiber reinforced epoxy cover and metal leading edge protection are used to minimize weight at the highest amount of safety against fatigue fractures due to vibrations.

Dragonflight Hovercrafts with MT-Propeller

Vanair Hovercraft with MT-Propeller

Griffon 2000 TD with MT-Propeller
Griffon 2000 TD