MT-Propeller Accumulator


The hydraulic accumulator consists of a piston and cylinder, air or nitrogen charged at one end, capable of storing oil at the governor relief valve pressure during normal propeller governor operation.
It is intended for the use with a constant speed single acting propeller governor with unfeathering capability or for a constant speed single acting propeller governor for aerobatic airplanes with accumulator fitting.

Special Features:
Straight, 45 degree or 90 degree fittings are available for the oil filled end of the accumulator.

The accumulators P-726, P-893 and P-905 feature a two position electric magnetic valve to close and open the accumulator independently from the governor operation.
Without electrical power the magnetic valve closes the oil supply line from the accumulator to the governor.

The accumulator is approved for being mounted in any convenient position. Location recommendation and parts used for the installation depend on the particular aircraft.