last update November 15, 2013

Quiet Fan Jet - Propellers

QFJ-Propellers are available and certified for CheyenneI+II, Cheyenne 400LS, Cessna Caravan 208, Cessna 425, Do 228 Series, Fairchild Metroliner Series, Jetstream 31/32, Jeststream 41 (Part 25), KingAir 90 series, KingAir 200 series, Mitsubishi MU-2B series, Pilatus PC-12, Piper Meridian... and more to come

They are featuring

  • improved performance in take off, climb and cruise
  • a very low noise level inside the cabin as well as outside
  • a jet like sound
  • a very smooth run

Most of the above mentioned STC's are fullfilling the highest noise regulations in European countries for unrestricted airport operations.

The latest aerodynamic calculation method made it possible to design integrated wing lets in our propeller blades.
By this the Vortex is basically eliminated and the efficiency is increased.

Improved performance, a smooth run and reduced noise is giving the propeller turbine powered airplane a Jet Like comfort.
Combined with the unlimited life of the MT-Propeller blades, makes the QFJ-Propellers a real valuable add to any existing turbo prop aircraft.