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  • 1981: founded by Gerd Muehlbauer
  • 1983: introduction of hydraulically controlled variable pitch MT-Propellers
  • 1985: introduction of electrically controlled variable pitch MT-Propellers
  • in the 1990s: design, certification and patent of the innovative hydraulic reversing propeller system
  • 2003: option of conventional aluminum blades for certain applications
  • 2004: introduction of light weight and small hydraulic propeller governors
  • 2005: artificial composite blades for certain propeller models
  • 2011: MT-Propeller certified on Part 25 aircraft
  • 2013: the 50000th blade was shipped
  • 2017: Test flight of the first 7-blade Propeller for General Aviation
  • Gerd Muehlbauer(Company Founder and President)
  • Gerd Muehlbauer
    (Company Founder and President)
  • MT-Propeller Headquarters at the Airport Straubing Wallmühle
  • MT-Propeller Headquarters at the Airport Straubing Wallmühle
  • MT-Propeller Blade Production
  • MT-Propeller Blade Production
  • Florida Service Center MT-Propeller USA, Inc.
  • Florida Service Center MT-Propeller USA, Inc.
  • Airport Straubing Wallmühle
  • Airport Straubing Wallmühle

Company History

MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH was founded in 1981 by Gerd Muehlbauer and is well known in the world of general aviation as the leading manufacturer of natural composite propellers for single and twin engine aircraft, airships, wind tunnels and other special applications.

Since 1968 Gerd Muehlbauer has been working intensively as chief engineer in composite propeller design and development.
MT-Propeller operates out of its main office at the Airport Straubing-Wallmuehle (EDMS) in Germany, where highly skilled people are producing the highest quality of natural composite propellers.
For U.S. and Canadian customers there is an MT-Propeller Service Center in DeLand, Florida and several authorized service stations throughout the whole world.

Natural Composite Propellers were originally developed during the 1930`s by a group of German engineers in Berlin and used extensively during WWII for both fighters and bombers.

They have since been refined and are nowadays designed by applying Finite Elements Method (FEM) technology and machined by CAD/CAM systems for highest quality and precision.
This allows the newly developed prototypes to be checked for their specific properties at an early stage, so the efficiency of performance and harmonics can be optimized while reducing the weight.

Since 2003 MT-Propeller also offers the option of conventional certified all aluminum blades for certain applications and
in 2005 artificial composite blades have been certified also for certain propeller models.

Our hydraulic variable pitch propellers were introduced to the market in 1983 and are less complex and lighter than common designs.
In production are certified 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-blade models for engines producing up to 5000 hp.
All hydraulic MT-Propellers are optionally available with our patented feathering and/or reverse system and can optionally be equipped with electric or alcohol de-ice boots.

Propellers with reverse thrust are preferred for both land planes, where they decrease the landing distance and for seaplanes, where they offer better maneuverability.
In the 1990s MT-Propeller has designed, certified and patented an innovative hydraulic reversing propeller system for piston engines and propeller turbines, which can be used with any number of blades.

The electric variable pitch propellers were introduced to the market in 1985 and have initially been developed for motorgliders as a substitute of the 3 position mechanic variable pitch propeller with feathering capability.
In the early days there was just a simple manual pitch control, but later the system has been upgraded with full constant speed capability, which makes it suitable for regular aircrafts and engines producing up to 350 hp.
Presently 2-, 3- and 4-blade versions are in production. Feathering capability can be integrated optionally, reverse capability can be integrated but only for the use on airships.
ELCOPROP® is the only certified Electric Constant Speed Propeller available worldwide and is patented in the U.S. and Germany. Several STC's are available.

Since 2004 MT-Propeller also offers unique light weight and small hydraulic propeller governors for piston engines and certain propeller turbines equipped with counterweighted or non-counterweighted propellers.
Feathering and/or reverse option can be integrated, if required.

MT-Propeller has always devoted particular attention to noise reduction.
The technical optimization of propeller design has enabled noise reduction in accordance with the respective guidelines to be achieved without performance loss in most cases.

Currently MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH holds over 100 STC's around the world and because of its continuous new developments, MT-Propeller has become the original manufacturer for many new aircraft types and aircraft engines.

Development, testing and certification of new prototypes are performed by the company's own team of technicians, engineers and test pilots.

Many years of experience, coupled with the ongoing further training of its long termed employed propeller specialists, enables the company to provide a high level of quality, which is appreciated by an ever-increasing clientele.