MT-Propeller Many Firsts

Many Firsts

MT-Propeller - decades of Innovation in aircraft propeller development and manufacturing.

MT-Propeller, when founded in 1981 by Gerd Mühlbauer, always had the aim to make propeller powered traveling more comfortable. Gerd Mühlbauer, an engineer and test pilot, always focused on the customer’s needs, like all his management and engineering staff is doing.

With this vision, MT-Propeller created many firsts in history for the General Aviation World:

In 1981 the first electric constant speed propeller worldwide was created and certified. It improved performance of motor gliders and light aircraft. And made full feathering for small aircraft engines possible.

This was followed by developing the full reversible hydraulically controlled constant speed propellers for piston engines, which simplified landing on short runways and on water.

Looking for more options and different airplanes, MT-Propeller created more than 27 certified propeller models until now. These propeller models can be combined with more than 220 aerodynamic blade designs to make a custom fit for every application.

This has already led to more than 220 STCs worldwide to retrofit existing airplanes with MT-Propellers.

Now MT-Propeller is already supplying 90% of all new European aircraft and 30% of the new US aircraft using a piston or turbine engine with the 2,3,4,5 bladed propellers.

In year 2004 the first 5 bladed full feathering prop with reversing was certified on the Shorts Skyvan SC-7.

In the turbine powered world many Firsts can be claimed again from MT-Propeller:

First 5 bladed certified composite turbine powered propeller on:

  • TBM 700/850 Series, the fastest in production single engine airplane Pilatus PC12, more than 150 are flying already with MT-Propellers.
  • King Air 90/200/300 Series with the low noise, improved overall performance, MT 5 bladed propellers.
  • The new Blackhawk PT6A-67A King Air 350, pushing this aircraft with MT 5 bladed props to 340+ KTAS and making it the fastest conventional turbo prop available today
  • Cessna 425 Series
  • Piper Cheyenne PA31T and T1
  • Piper Cheyenne PA42-1000, flying 360 KTAS with the MT-Propellers
  • Cessna 208 Caravan and many more.

With more than 2500 propellerturbine powered aircraft converted to the MT-Propeller system, MT made the 5 bladed prop an industry standard, leading the innovation and made competitors to follow.
Lower noise, lower vibration for a more comfortable ride with lower fatigue for pilots and passengers combined with a better take off, faster climb and cruise was the result of the long time research in propeller design.

… and the story goes on.

October 2016

New seven blade MT-Propeller
Watch the video of the first testflight

ANOTHER BIG FIRST, which will change the General Aviation Propeller Powered Aircraft in the near future, happened in October 2016.

MT-Propeller egineers and test pilots flight tested the WORLDs first 7 bladed propeller used on a General Aviation Airplane.

The test flights, 8 flights in total with 5 hrs flight time contained a functional test, performance test and noise test with very promising results. In an uneventful test flight, the entire system performed on the PT6A-135A turbine installed in a Piper Cheyenne like used already for many years.

MT-Propeller is in technical talks with turbine engine manufacturers, to work together for the certification and customizing the gear box to get the best out of the The Silent 7 how MT likes to call the 7 bladed prop.

The Silent 7 is already type certified since Februar 2020.

More information on the MT-Propeller systems and also a sound file of the fly by with the WORLDS FIRST 7 bladed prop can be requested from

March, 2019

Testairplane Cheyenne with 9-blade MTV-39

Worlds first 9 bladed prop started the flight test program

on March 11th 2019 and initial results are very promising.

Function, Handling and Operation on the aircraft is like those props have been in service already for years.

This new development for low noise, high performance future airplanes driven by electric powered engines, turbine engines or geared piston engines for propellers with low RPM.

Depending on propeller driven airplane designs, top speeds of up to 430 KTAS are realizable with such a installation, by reducing at the same time the fuel consumption to a turbo prop from a jet.

MT-Propeller proves with this milestone that the innovation in propeller driven airplanes is just at the beginning.

Flying a Jet comfort airplane powered with props combined with the lowest fuel consumption becomes a near future.

Whatch the testflight Video
220 KTS with 1700RPM and max Torque fly by MTV-39

September 2022

Testairplane Cheyenne with 11-blade Prop
Testairplane Cheyenne with 11-blade Prop

Another World’s First Takes First Flight – The 11-bladed Propeller!

MT-Propeller made another World’s First to explore the possibilities in propeller technology.
On a PA31T1 equipped with the P&W PT6A-135A turbines, the World’s first 11-bladed propeller took the sky with an impressive noise and sound signature.
The very promising results in static thrust, 15% increase over the standard certified 5-bladed propeller, and the jet-noise signature showed another time what could be possible in the propeller developments.

This propeller system combined with a low rpm power supply from a turbine or an electric engine opens new possibilities for performance, efficiency and noise.

Watch the testflight Video 1

Watch the testflight Video 2