MT-Propeller Pioneering Developments

What do the following projects have in common?

Diamond Twin Engine with MT-Propeller
The first Multi Engine Hybrid Powered Electric
Twin-Engine Aircraft

Diamond Dart 450/550 with MT-Propeller
The newest turbine powered trainer program,
the Diamond DART 450 / 550

Diamond DA62 with MT-Propeller
The most modern fuel efficient 7 seat twin engine Jet
A1 Fadec Piston Engine Powered Diamond Aircraft DA62.

Tecnam P2012 with MT-Propeller
The latest certified and most modern fuel efficient 11 seat
FADEC Piston Engine Powered TECNAM P2012 Traveler.

Dornier Do228 with MT-Propeller
The Part 23 Commuter Class 19 seat „New Generation“
DO228 NG from RUAG

Beech KingAir 350 with MT-Propeller
The fastest in Production Turboprop the Beech KingAir 350 XP67
from Blackhawk Modifications approaching 345 KTAS max Speed

Eurocopter X3 with MT-Propeller
The world’s fastest record breaking 260 KTS+ twin turbine
Helicopter the Eurocopter X3 build from AIRBUS

Extra 330LE with MT-Propeller
The FAI 2 times world record breaking full
electric driven EXTRA 330LE

Extra 330SC with MT-Propeller
The most successful unlimited aerobatic airplane still in production
with the most world titles, the EXTRA aircraft 330SC

Gamebird GB1 with MT-Propeller
The latest certified 2 seat unlimited aerobatic airplane,

Griffon Hovercraft with MT-Propeller
The most modern and fuel efficient and quietest
Hovercraft the Griffon 12000 TD working
in the harshest environment 14 hours a day.

Grob 120 TP with MT-Propeller
The most modern certified turbine powered flight trainer

Grob Strato with MT-Propeller
The world record breaking STRATO 2C from
GROB Aircraft flying up to 75.000 ft

They all are driven by MT-Propellers and MT-Propeller Controls.