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Cessna 208 Supervan with MTV-27MT-Propeller received the FAA STC SA03850NY for 5-blade MTV-27 on the Cessna 208 Supervan.
The STC features 31lbs less weight than the original propeller, 60% vibration reduction on aircraft fuselage, improved ground roll and climb and a significant inside and outside noise reduction. It complies with the strict European noise regulation.
The installation is also certified by EASA STC 10054488.

GippsAero GA8-() AirvanMT-Propeller received the FAA STC SA03845NY for the GippsAero GA8 and GA8 TC-320 Airvan with the new scimitar composite propeller MTV-9-B/200-58. The propeller improves cruise speed by 2 to 4 kts, provides a turbine smooth run and reduces inside and outside noise drastically. It also improves ground clearance because of the reduced diameter.
It is also certified by EASA STC 10054488.

sevenblade mt-propFIRST 7-bladed composite full feathering reversing propeller on a General Aviation Airplane designed, flight tested and now starting the endurance certification testing on a turbine test bench.
Video download link: Dropbox

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Piper Seneca with MTV-12MT-Propeller has received the Letter of Acceptance of the EASA STC EASA.A.02553 for the 3-blade MTV-12-D-C-F/CFL188-53 on Piper PA34-200 / 220T in Mexico.

Cessna P210 N Silvereagle with MTV-27MT-Propeller has received the EASA STC No. 10060053 for the 5-blade MTV-5 on the Cessna P210N Silver Eagle.
The STC features the following: Less weight than the original 3-blade propeller. Better climb and shorter ground roll and take off over 50ft obstacle.
The FAA STC is in progress.

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