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Beech A36 with MTV-5 installed MT-Propeller received the FAA STC #SA03535NY for the Beech A36 RR250 conversion with the latest generation 5 bladed scimitar propeller MTV-5-1-D-C-F-R(A)/CFR210-56.
Overall Improved performance with a jet like vibration and noise signature.
It ist already certified by EASA STC STC#10051683.

MT-Propeller has got the Type Certification for the 2-blade hydraulic constant speed propeller MTV-21 in Japan.

BLR Aerospace and MT-Propeller teamed up for new performance package and quality of ride.

MT-Propeller developed the new 5-blade propeller for the KingAir fleet, called Whisper Prop™, which was designed to improve aircraft performance, safety and comfort. It is available for installation on King Airs invidually or in a package with the BLR Winglet System.

Due to the excellent vibration damping caracteristics of MT-Propellers natural composite blades and the multiple blade concept which results in a reduced diameter, the Whisper Prop™ shows exceptionally quiet operation, and best FOD protection for unimproved runways. Compared to the standard King Air propeller, the Whisper Prop™ reduces noise by 30-50 percent, measuered in dB, denpending on frequency.

Combined with the installation of BLR Winglets on the KingAir, the system also delivers runway length reductions up to 33 percent, which gains access to shorter local fields, to reduce trip times with improved safety margins.

The intention of BLR Aerospace to offer the Whisper Prop™ and Winglet package for the KingAir was to provide greater performance and more comfortable cabin environment. BLR Aerospace Vice President of Sales and Marketing Dave Marone said. “Until now, this level of quiet comfort has been unavailable to the King Air market.”

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