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Our company is closed for holidays from December 23, 2014 until January 6, 2015.

Zhuhai Airshow
MT-Propeller on Zhuhai Airshow MT-Propeller is happy having been part of the Zhuhai Airshow from 11 – 16 Nov. 2014. Thank you to all our Chinese customers we could see and talk to and for the huge interest in our product.

Babcock using MT-Propeller for training fleet Grob G115 Babcock International Group are now using MT Propellers for UK MoD Flying Training:
In 2013 MT-Propeller equipped the Babcock owned fleet of 119 Grob 115E aircraft with the light weight composite 3 bladed MT-Propeller and MT-Governor. Responsible for delivering up to 40,000 flying hours per year to all three of the UK's armed forces as part of one of the biggest flight training schools in the world, Babcock needed the best equipment and partner to achieve this.

Babcock selected MT-Propeller for their proven reliability and quality and the fact that their after sales support is definitely one of the best in the industry.

Babcock has found the perfect partner in MT-Propeller for current and future successful operation of their fleet.

Beech King Air 300 with MTV-27 installed MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH received the EASA STC#10050861 for the installation of the 5-blade MT-Propeller MTV-27-1-E-C-F-R(P)/CFR260-65b on the Beech King Air 300 / 350 series.
The benefits are improved take off and climb, plus 4-5 knots more cruise and significant cabin noise and vibration reduction.

MT-Propeller received the Type Certification for the MTV-5 in China.

Beech 76 with MTV-12 installed
MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH received the FAA STC#SA03479NY for the installation of the 3-blade MT-Propeller MTV-12-B-C-F/CF(L)183-59b full feathering propellers on the Beech Duchess 76.
The benefits are improved take off and climb, plus 3 knots more cruise with turbine smoothness and noise.
EASA certified by STC#10048838

Thank you for visiting us at the NBAA2014 – BUSINESS AVIATION CONVENTION & EXHIBITION, Orlando, USA Oct. 21–23, 2014

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Customer Feedback

Piper Mirage Jetprop with MTV-27
First KingAir F90 converted to 5 bladed latest generation composite MT-Props.

Hello Martin,

I hope that You are in the same excellent mode now as You were during our visit at MT-propeller…..
Thanks a lot for two fantastic days in Straubing..
Very nice staff and tasty food at the airport as well.
The King Air is really performing at top level after been equipped with your composite five bladers..
We need to get some other headsets due to this new low noiselevel in cockpit….what a reduction on noise !!!
The performance is performing better in take-off, climb, cruise and more stable in reverse thrust…!!!
An efficient upgrading that will for sure will have short bay-back on this investment for us.

I Have a Topic at the forum BeechTalk Beech Turbines "F90/F90-1 Five blade props" that You can check if You want….The are some interest for the Propellers..I made some ref. to You…

Im flying to Stockholm tomorrow…looking forward to that !!!

All the best to You and rest of staff…

Rolf / Anders

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