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  • last update January, 2019

Service - MT-Propeller Gerd Muehlbauer GmbH


  • Overhaul, Repair, Exchange and Sales of Propellers made by McCauley, Sensenich, Hartzell, Hamilton, Dowty, Piaggio and of Governors made by Woodward, Hartzell and McCauley

  • Overhaul and Repair of all MT-Propeller products

  • Sales and Installation of Goodrich & D.I. Ltd. Propeller De-Icing Systems

  • All in house, Composite Repair, Chemical Treatment (Anodizing, Cadmium plating), NDT, Hub rework

  • Factory trained personnel

  • Continous supply of spare parts directly from the manufacturers

  • Large stock of spare parts for a short turn around time

  • Exchange propellers in stock for almost every standard propeller model

  • Warranty repairs authorized by the manufacturers

  • Tear down inspections as required

  • Erosion Sheath replacement on composite blades

  • Electronically controlled dynamic propeller balancing

  • Authorized STC sales center

  • 12 months or 1000 hours warranty (whichever occurs first) on labor and parts for all work done by our shop