STC Cessna 421C
  • Cessna 421 with 4-blade MTV-16
  • Cessna 421 with 4-blade MTV-16

STC - Data

  • Type of Aircraft: C 421C

  • EASA: EASA.A.S.03114 (issued Dec 18, 2007)
  • FAA: SA02550NY (issued July 2008)

  • Applicable Aircraft: Cessna 421C
    Compliance has also been shown for all combinations
    (and/or) of following FAA STCs:
    SA438NW, SA5183NM, SA8352SW, SA00015SE, SA5811SW
  • Engines: TCM GTSIO-520-L and -N
  • Propeller: MTV-16-1-E-C-F/CF225-37a

  • Advantages:
  • Best vibration damping characteristics
  • Bonded on stainless steel leading edge for best erosion
    protection of the blades
  • Enhanced take-off distance by approx. -3% (MTOW, SL, ISA)
  • Enhanced climb by approx. 5% (MTOW, ISA)
  • Cruise performance increased by approx. 3 to 4 kts
    (Mid GW, ISA)
  • Approx. 4 lbs less weight than the original propellers
  • Significant inside and outside noise reductions
  • Inside noise is reduced by 5 to 7 dB(A)
  • Unlimited blade life
  • FOD repairable blades

more information about the STC (.pdf 75k)