MT-Propeller - The Winner's Propeller

Nov, 2010

Vulcan Air P.68

  • Vulcan Air P.68 Observer with 3-blade MTV-12
  • Vulcan Air P.68 Observer with 3-blade MTV-12

STC - Data

  • Type of Aircraft: P.68( )

  • EASA: EASA.A.S.02498
  • FAA: SA03420AT

  • Applicable Aircraft: Vulcanair P.68, P.68B, P.68C,
    P.68 Observer, P.68 Observer 2
  • Engines: Lycoming IO-360-A1B, IO-360-A1B6
  • Propeller: MTV-12-B-C-F/CF183-59b

  • Advantages:
  • Best vibration damping characteristics
  • Bonded on stainless steel leading edge for best erosion
    protection of the blades
  • Enhanced climb by approx. 3% (SL, ISA conditions, MTOW)
    increasing by altitude
  • Enhanced cruising speeds by approx. 2 to 3 kts
    (ISA, FL160, 4550 lbs GW)
  • Approx. 15 lbs less total weight than the orig. props
  • Significant inside and outside noise reductions
  • ICAO Annex 16, Vol I, Part II, Chapter X EASA
    approved noise levels:
    From 81.1 dB(A) to 83.7 dB(A)
  • Unlimited blade life
  • FOD repairable blades

more information about the STC (.pdf 70k)