Continued Airworthiness - MT-Propeller

Continued Airworthiness

MT-Propeller encourages their customers to report to the MT-Propeller Engineering Team
the following items, if one of the issues mentioned below occur during operation:

1) The following are regarded as Hazardous Propeller Effects:

  • The development of excessive drag.
  • A significant thrust in a direction opposite to the commands by the pilot.
  • A loss of the propeller or any major portion of the propeller during operation.
  • A failure that results in excessive unbalance.

2) The following are regarded as Major Propeller Effects:

  • An inability to feather the propeller (applicable to feathering propellers).
  • An inability to change the propeller pitch when required.
  • An uncommanded change in pitch.
  • An uncontrollable torque or speed fluctuation.